Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Everyone one of us has areas that either they are working on, or need work, myself included. But we all have choices too. You can go it alone and take the long slow and often painful road. Or, you can reach out and seek a professional.

I promise to support and validate your struggles, and help you understand your issues more fully.  Together we can identify your triggers and patterns that are keeping you stuck. With counselling, you can work through these blocks and move forward in your life, once again…


If it was easy you would have done it by now!

I specialize in the following areas:


Are you frequently down or depressed? Have you noticed that you are often angry or irritated at your family, coworkers or the other drivers? Or perhaps getting up in the morning is difficult and just getting through the day feels like you are constantly walking uphill. Nothing interests you anymore… Symptoms of depression can vary with individuals in terms of their severity and how they manifest in their lives. But one thing is constant, you feel stuck! And you know you are not happy.

Counselling can help you get through this block, and move forward! I’d like to help you unravel the issues that are keeping you stuck, identify your triggers, and discover the negative cycle that perpetuates this problem. From this wider and more comprehensive understanding, I can then teach you the skills to overcome your issue and prevent you from returning to this difficult place in the future.  I can help you turn things around to the direction you always wanted…


Are you tense all the time? Always feeling like you can rarely relax? Your life is one issue after another. Or perhaps you live in fear. Fear of the, “What ifs! ” What if this happens or what if that happens? Possibly you have had panic attacks, when suddenly your heart starts beating for no reason and you begin to sweat and shake. You fear either you are having a heart attack or going crazy! Or you are having trouble leaving the house or being around other people or crowds send you reeling?

I can help you find effective tools to reduce your anxiety and provide the calm that’s needed to get you through the day. We can gain an understanding of why you are feeling so anxious in the first place. You will also learn the cycle that has perpetuated this condition. Through this path I can help you achieve greater clarity and direction to finding the way out of this cycle…


Self-esteem can be learned! It is not a character trait that either you have or you don’t. Often as young children we have higher self-esteem, but through life and a series of difficult blows or frequent challenges, our self-esteem gets knocked down and beaten up. Identifying the sources of our decline can lead the way. Then we can learn new healthier ways to fill this void and to ultimately find the way to rebuild this important piece of our foundation. This can have far reaching effects on all aspects of our lives. This includes our accomplishments, our relationships and our peace of mind, as well!

Stress Management

We all have stress in our lives. That’s a given. But we also know that some people tend to manage their stress a lot better than others. What is the secret? Well you’re right. There is a formula for managing (or mismanaging) your stress and unfortunately, it was never taught in school. But it is something that others have learned and you can too!

Relationship Issues

Are you constantly fighting or bickering with your partner or family member? You keep dealing with the same old issues but nothing ever seems to get better for long. You don’t feel heard anymore and either you give up and feel depressed or you’re constantly angry!

Often communication issues are one of the reasons for relationship problems. Learning how to express our needs in a respectful, assertive manner can often help your relationship.

In addition, learning how to set boundaries with others (and thus learn how to respect your own needs and wishes) is another essential part of relationship building.

Identifying different attachment styles and needs in a relationship can help us understand the frequent problems that are occurring and find the ways that work for both parties to feel safe and loved without feeling trapped, or so anxious all the time.

Grief and Loss

Recovering from a painful loss is always difficult. Most people do not realize or understand how far-reaching a process it is. It can encompass all areas of your life and always take much longer and hurt much more, than you ever imagined!

While grief is usually associated with the loss of someone you loved, it can also be the loss of other major aspects of your life as well. A loss of a career or job can be devastating, as can the loss of one’s health, or our meaning in life.

I can help you by walking with you on this journey. So you are not feeling so alone and lost any more. Going it alone may prolong the pain. With help, often, you can get through it easier.


Can include: Emotional, Mental, Verbal, Physical, Sexual, Financial, Spiritual, Cultural and others. Each person’s experience is different. However, whatever type of abuse is used, the motivation is always the same – to maintain power and control in the relationship!

Living with an abusive relationship can be devastating! It can impact all areas of your life from how you interact with your partner, to your relationship with your children, family and friends and even your working world. You are always in survival mode. Just trying to get through the day without another problem or battle to deal with, or clean up from. Often you’re exhausted all the time and feel constantly on edge or too depressed to even cope. It wasn’t supposed to be like this…

Identifying how and where the abuse is impacting your life can be clarifying. You’re not going crazy! But you are in a battle ground. And whether you decide to stay or leave, as in all battles, you need a game plan or a strategy to help you survive! I can support you in this process, and help you learn the skills you need to return to having the life you deserve, for everyone’s benefit…

Sexual Assault

Will change your world! Who you were before and after may feel completely different. Your confidence is shattered. Self-blame and self-doubt may be frequent companions. As well as widespread fear and distrust in your relationships. Knowing who you are, and how to put all the pieces of your life back together again feels impossible.

However, recovery from a sexual assault can be surprising and life changing. It generally involves working through the myriad of emotions that are evoked from the trauma, while also developing some additional coping skills to process the assault. Learning how to redefine yourself after the assault, is often part of the whole process.

Trauma and PTSD

These issues can involve many different experiences for people. By definition, trauma involves a life threatening event that either occurs to you, or someone you witnessed being seriously hurt or threatened to be hurt. Most of us will experience some type of trauma in our life.

However, not everyone will be able to get over it. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an example of getting stuck in the trauma and experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, intrusive thoughts and hyper-arousal for an extended period of time. These debilitating symptoms can prevail across many aspects of one’s life including: flashbacks, nightmares, feelings of guilt and shame, anxiety, crying spells, withdrawal and depression, difficulties with work and sexual functioning, trust issues, sleeping and eating disorders, unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as with alcohol and drug use or other addictive behaviors, anger issues and other feelings of always being anxious or being on hyper-alert.

Recovering from Trauma or PTSD is complicated and possible! Many people have had it for years and never realized it. We are all very resilient and have employed many very effective coping skills over the years to survive. However, counselling can teach you some additional tools to aid in your progress and allow you to let go of this heavy weight that you have been carrying for far too long.


Counselling can help you move

From Surviving to Thriving!!!


Please note:  I do not work with addictions, eating disorders or couples.