Feel Like You Don’t Get What You Need in Life?

Things never turn out the way you want?

Feel like a doormat? 

content_1If there is one pattern you have in your life that you want to change it is that you don’t seem to get what you need…especially in your relationships with others. You feel unworthy, frustrated, angry or depressed much of the time.

It could be that people seem to walk all over you. They get what they need, and you get the leftovers, if anything at all. Most often this pattern shows up in your intimate relationships, but it can occur with your parents and siblings, work colleagues and friends, as well.

Everyone else seems to have it all together and you wonder why you don’t. It doesn’t seem fair.

Your Life May Look Something Like This:

  • You feel a deep sadness that doesn’t go away – or if it does, it always comes back
  • You feel like people “take” from you and you’re the one who is always giving
  • You spend a lot of time unhappy and worrying about your life and your relationships

At times you just go along with everyone else and hope for the best. You’ve been told, “Don’t rock the boat.” You’re always trying to just survive. Always wishing and hoping that tomorrow will be better. But it never is…

No matter what happens, you always seem to find yourself right back to where you were – unhappy, unfulfilled and frustrated!

It Really Doesn’t Have To Be This Way…

Counselling can Help!

Feeling lonely, sad and even unloved are very common experiences, and there is a solution.

Getting what you need from your life requires knowing what you want, making a plan to make it happen and setting limits with people along the way. You need to know how and when to say no to others, and when to say yes.

content_2I Know You Don’t Feel Very Confident That Things Can Be Different

You probably know at least some of the things you need to do to be happier, but you’ve tried a hundred times to get what you want and set limits with people, and it never works – or it works for a while and then it falls apart again. What I can show you is how to make it last. I can help you make the changes you need in order to get your needs met. Without being Selfish!  And while still being kind and respectful to others. It’s not as hard as you think.

Problems with self-esteem, depression and repeated unfulfilling relationships often stem from your early experiences – many times you may not even have an awareness of when or how this started.

It could be that you didn’t feel like you were treated fairly or that your siblings got more than you. It could be that you were subjected to verbal, physical or sexual abuse. If one or both of your parents had alcohol or some other types of addictions, or mental illness, than your days were spent just trying to keep your head down and survive. And survival meant, “Don’t rock the Boat.

When you were a child you didn’t have a choice, but now you do. Now you can get in touch with your deepest needs and learn how to stand up for yourself!

When You Know How to Build Better Boundaries:

You will Know What You Want and Believe You Deserve It. You Will Act in a Way That Gives You What You Need.

Through counselling you can:

  • Feel clear about what you need and what you deserve
  • Increase your self-esteem and your mood
  • Improve your relationships
  • Feel the Freedom to be yourself
  • Feel calm, clear and directed
  • Have Self-Respect Again!


Why Work With Me As Your Therapist?

I provide my clients with the warmth and compassion you need to explore your issues and your goals; as well as the practical tools that will improve your life. I have years of experience helping clients overcome the wounds from the past including trauma and abuse.  In addition, I teach clients the skills they need to improve your current relationships with others. So you don’t feel like a doormat anymore. And I teach clients the tools to improve your relationship with yourself, to increase your self esteem and prevent you from relapsing into unhealthy relationships in the future.

If you’re tired of feeling controlled by everyone else’s needs and wishes and want to change the next chapter of your life, give me a call, I’d love to work with you.

Let me guide you to a life that you want…

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